• Open Door PolicyOpen Door Policy
  • Your care, health and well being is our priorityYour care, health and well being is our priority
  • Trips, outings and visits to local shops and eateriesTrips, outings and visits to local shops and eateries
  • Entertainment, trips and excursionsEntertainment, trips and excursions
  • Trained staff to best suit your needsTrained staff to best suit your needs
  • Staff are required to spend time with service usersStaff are required to spend time with service users
  • Family invited to become part of the processFamily invited to become part of the process
  • Support for the individual, family and friendsSupport for the individual, family and friends

Key Care Principles:

  • Friendliness
  • Open Door Policy
  • Person Centered Care Planning is core to our philosophy
  • Family and Friends invited to truly become part of the care process
  • Take the time to communicate – communication is a wonderful thing
  • To Provide genuine entertainment, trips, excursions and meaningful activities

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Meet our Team

Members coming soon.

Abbots Lawn Nursing Home


Ms B Phillips

Ms Phillips not only has a long range of training behind her to make her an excellent home manager, but she is also an experienced team player and team leader!

Ms Phillips also participates in many other activities and has been involved with trips, picnics and focuses on getting events to come into the home. So far she has been involved with arranging a small farm to come to Abbots Lawn Nursing Home, as well as singers, a pantomime, dancers and a magician. Ms Phillips experience combined with her caring attitude and ambitious ability makes her an excellent caring manager for Abbots Lawn Nursing Home.


Mrs Sue Newman

Mrs Susan Newman (The Registered Manager of Abbots Lawn Care Home and Ashton Care Group Proprietor) has a wealth of experience behind her as a Registered Mental Nurse, completing her training in 1980 and has worked in Nursing homes since 1984.

Sue Currently holds a range of qualifications including; Registered Mental Nurse, Registered Managers Award, NVQ assessors award and EMB 998. Sue is the proprietor of the Ashton Care Group and is currently the registered manager of Abbots Lawn Nursing Home. The quality care of our service users are of high priority importance to Sue, who quickly deals with any issues raised by family, friends and the service users! It is also important to Sue that all Service users enjoy the service provided which is why it is of high priority to arrange frequent trips and other entertainment for all users of Ashton Care.


Members coming soon.


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